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Wooo recording some Mulligrub stuffs!!


OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG:(   /   :)   /   :’)

one day i will finish this essay. can’t i just paint the mens bathroom pink for everything. give me a degree asshats

could really go for some fuzzy peaches right now. 

never get anything done 2014


"I should take my meds"

”..but first I should make some coffee”

"so I need to get dressed"

"…but maybe I should masturbate before I get dressed"

*back to bed*

*blogs about it*

glad 2 hear ur sex drive is not obliterated!!

Steady Glazed Eyes, by The Hours

Hey look I made that little square of art for this band. They paid me money woah. I’m into that. 
I haven’t listened to the album hehe. 

white interior door with hardware delivered to u of m fort garry | windows, doors, trim | Winnipeg | Kijiji

I need a door. Do you live in Winnipeg? Sell me a door please. ahhhh

got some syrup in my hair eating pancakes at 10:30 pm after a 12 hour skool day. i have the sniffles and just add water pancake mix and maybe the avocado on top of the fridge will be ripe enough to eat tomorrow morning. 
i am bored and uninterested in general. it doesn’t make me want to die anymore which is weird and frightening. i would rather take a nap.
i need to go look at the grand canyon or something. one sublime experience every 2 1/2 years, i’ll be good to go.

young crow friend builds nest. raise those eggies!!
what would you do if i told you. thats a river. DANG!maybe its not a big d to some people but im an east coast bb and i still think its weird for a large body of moving water to freeze. freaks me oooout
my street is half lake, half icy deathtrap. i call this part of the year ‘spwinter’.